Mortgage Documentation

If you're considering a new mortgage, refinancing your current one, or moving to a HELOC, you'll likely need similar documentation for each process. On this page, we've compiled a list of the most commonly required documents for mortgage-related applications, helping you get a quick start on your financial journey. Mortgage & Lending Requirements Checklist.

You will also find several spreadsheets, agreements & forms that may help you on your home purchasing journey including Net Worth Assessment Spreadsheet, Agreement of Purchase & Sale (PDF), Projected Annual & Monthly Expenses Spreadsheets, Residential Tenancy Agreement, etc.

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Employment & Income

  • Current pay stub (Minimum 45 days old).
  • T1 General Income Tax Returns (2 Most recent).
  • CRA Notice of assessment (2 Most recent).

Proof of Down Payment & Sources

  • Savings and or Investment account(s) statement from the past 90 days.
  • To use an RRSP withdrawal as a downpayment for your home you will need:
  • To use a cash gift as a down payment for your home will need:
    • Gift Letter from the donor confirming the amount & the gift is free & clear of any repayment terms.
  • If your down payment is from the sale of an existing home, you will need:

Your Financial Information

New Property Information

Additional Resources (Not Required)



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