Kelowna Mortgage Specialist | Bonnie Thorlakson

Kelowna Mortgage Specialist | Bonnie Thorlakson

Customized Mortgage Solutions

Welcome to Borrow with Bonnie! I'm Bonnie Thorlakson, your trusted Mortgage Specialist with over 25 years of experience in the lending industry, I specialize in offering tailor made mortgage solutions based on my clients specific situations and needs.

I offer industry-leading mortgage rates from the most reputable institutions. Contact me over the phone for the best possible rates, and then don't just take my word for it; explore your options and test the waters so that you can rest assured, with my comprehensive range of top-tier rates and programs, you're already in the best hands.

Whether you're looking for a New Home Mortgage, Refinance your Mortgage, Get Pre-Approved, or investment property financing, my approach is tailored to meet your unique financial needs, bearing unparalleled value and commitment to your financial success.

Contact me today and see the difference in working with a Mortgage Specialist that truly cares what’s best for the client: (250) 300-4845

Why Choose Me?

I offer competitive mortgage rates from an industry-leading institution, providing tailored solutions whether you're buying a new home, refinancing, getting pre-approved, or investing in property. I simplify the mortgage process to make home buying easier and less stressful.

  • Industry-Leading Rates
  • Comprehensive Solutions
  • Simplified Process
Bonnie Thorlakson

What working with a Mortgage Specialist can do for you.

  • Expertise and Guidance

    Mortgage specialists are experts in their field. They can guide you through the entire mortgage process, explaining all the technical jargon, terms, conditions, and fine print that may be difficult for a layperson to understand. This can help you make informed decisions.

  • Access to a Range of Products

    Mortgage specialists often have access to a wide array of mortgage products from different lenders. They can help find a mortgage that best suits your specific needs and financial situation, which you might not have found on your own.

  • Time and Effort Saving

    Searching for the right mortgage can be a time-consuming process. A mortgage specialist can do the heavy lifting for you, saving you time and effort. They'll handle the application process and deal with any issues that arise.

  • Negotiating Power

    Mortgage specialists have relationships with multiple lenders and can often negotiate better interest rates, terms, and conditions than you might be able to secure on your own.

  • Credit Score Protection

    When you're shopping for a mortgage, multiple credit inquiries can negatively impact your credit score. A mortgage specialist can minimize this impact by pulling your credit report only once and using it to approach various lenders.

  • Personalized Service

    Mortgage specialists can provide a personalized service based on your unique circumstances. They can work with you to understand your financial goals and find a mortgage product that aligns with them.

  • Problem Solving

    If you have a complicated financial situation or credit history, a mortgage specialist can help find lenders who are willing to work with you. They can also suggest strategies to improve your chances of mortgage approval.

  • Cost-Efficient

    While it's true that mortgage specialists earn a commission, their ability to find a more favorable mortgage deal can offset this cost. In many cases, the savings you make on your mortgage could surpass the broker's fee.

Understanding Mortgage Specialists and Brokers

  • What’s the difference between a mortgage specialist and a mortgage broker?

    A mortgage specialist works for a specific bank or lender and offers mortgage products from that institution. They aim to find the best product within their employer’s range that fits your needs. Specialists are salaried employees of the bank.

    A mortgage broker is an independent professional who works with multiple lenders. They compare a variety of mortgage products to find the best deal for you. Brokers earn a commission from the lender once the mortgage is finalized.

  • Where can I find reputable mortgage lenders near me?

    To find reputable mortgage lenders near you, start by looking at the most trusted large lending institutions. These big banks and credit unions usually offer the best rates and employ specialists who have access to exclusive deals and offers. You can visit their local branches, check their websites, or contact their customer service for more information. This approach ensures you work with experienced professionals and secure competitive mortgage terms.

  • What qualifications should a mortgage specialist have?

    If you're working with a mortgage specialist from a big bank, much of the pre-qualification is already done. However, it's still important to ensure they have great reviews and a solid reputation. Look for a specialist with several years of experience, proper licensing, ongoing training, and positive client feedback. This helps ensure you're working with someone knowledgeable and reliable.

  • How can I avoid being overcharged by mortgage brokers?

    To avoid being overcharged by mortgage brokers, compare offers from multiple brokers and lenders. Research and understand the typical fees and rates in the market. Ask each broker for a detailed breakdown of their fees and ensure they are transparent about any additional costs. Additionally, check online reviews and seek recommendations from friends or family to find a trustworthy broker. This approach helps you secure a fair deal and avoid unnecessary charges.

Partnering for Your Success

My partnership with a leading national bank allows me to provide some of the best rates and terms available. This ensures you get not only a mortgage but also the most value and flexibility.

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We ensure your receiving the best mortgage solution(s) that fits your specific long & short term needs. Transparency & understanding is paramount in deciding which rate & terms are going to work in your favor to reach your specific goals.
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I love being a Mortgage Specialist in this beautiful Okanagan Valley.

My passion lies in creating strong, lasting relationships with my clients and their families. Talk to me about your hopes, dreams and goals. Provide me with transparency and I will provide you with the absolute best mortgage solution and rates to meet your needs.

~ Bonnie Thorlakson
Commitment, Achievement, Compassion, Caring and Passionate.

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